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Wooden Tongs

Wooden Tongs

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These wooden kitchen tongs are a works of art!! They are modern and functional, they will have you feeling like a real chef. They are comprised of dark walnut and sugar maple. Using dark wood makes any staining that may occur from handling food less apparent, therefore always looking great!
Excellent all around kitchen tool, use for foods that need to be flipped, rotated, adjusted, or retrieved from areas that may be hot or simply best handled with a tong. They can be used for salads, toast, fruit, turning foods, stir frying, bread or just about anything else. They have been protected with four coats of food safe mineral oil plus bee's wax. Elegant, light weight and eco-friendly too.

Hand wash only, not to be left soaking in water.

Large tongs measures approximately 13"long X 7/8" wide with opening at rest of 3 3/8" 

Also comes with board/tong wood rub to recoat them when they start to look dry.

To ask a question and/or interested in purchasing this product, please send us an email through our contact page.

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